Firebase Configuration

Firebase Configuration Guide

This project relies on Firebase Cloud Functions to execute the Igbo API business logic.

Individual contributors need to integrate their own Firebase project config to be able to run the project locally and merge forked changes.

Step 1: Create a Firebase Project

Please follow this Firebase Getting Started Guide (opens in a new tab) to create your own Firebase project.

Step 2: Replace the default Firebase Project Name

Within .firebaserc (opens in a new tab), replace the project name igbo-api-bb22d and igbo-api-staging-99a67 with your new Firebase project name

Step 3: Replace the Firebase Config file

Within firebase.js (opens in a new tab), replace the PRODUCTION_FIREBASE_CONFIG and STAGING_FIREBASE_CONFIG objects with your firebase project config object

Step 4: Merging forked changes into main repo

Congrats 🎉 You have a change you want to merge into the main repo. You will need to complete a few extra steps to ensure your branch builds pass.

  1. In your terminal, run firebase login. After following the instructions on screen, you will see a token pasted in your terminal. Save this for later
  2. Navigate to the "Settings" tab at the top of your forked repo on GitHub
  3. In the sidebar, click on the "Secrets and variables" dropdown
  4. Select "Actions"
  5. Click the green "New repository secret" button
  6. Create a new variable with the name FIREBASE_TOKEN
  7. Paste in the token you received from running firebase login
  8. Click the green "Add secret" button
  9. Submit your PR to get reviewed and merged 🚀