Getting Started

Getting Started

If you would like to start using the Igbo API in your production-ready projects, you can sign up for an Igbo API developer token (opens in a new tab).


You will need the following tools installed on your computer to run the project locally:

  • Node.js
  • MongoDB
  • Firebase
  • Redis (optional)
  • Docker (optional)


Clone the project:

git clone

Navigate into the project directory and install its dependencies:

cd igbo_api/
npm install

Build the frontend for the site:

npm run build

Connect to a Firebase Project

This project uses Firebase and requires you create your own free Firebase project.

Please follow the Firebase Configuration Guide.

Local Development

Once you've configured your project, you can start the Igbo API dev server by running:

npm run dev

Note: All requests must be made with X-API-Key with the value of main_key.

Navigate to localhost:8080 to see the API

Optional: Development with Replica Sets and Redis

If you would like to run the API while running MongoDB Replica Sets and a Redis cache, run:

npm run dev:full

Ensure that you have Redis installed on your machine. Then, run the following to start a Redis server:


Warning: Running replica sets locally is a machine-intensive operation and should only be ran for testing or specific feature development purposes.

Alternative: Docker

If you don't want to run a local Node and MongoDB service, you can use Docker.

Run the following command:

npm run start:docker

Navigate to localhost:8080 to see the API