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The Igbo API is a multidialectal, audio-supported, open-to-contribute, Igbo-English dictionary API. This project focuses on enabling developers, organizations, and teams to create technology that relies on the Igbo language.

Our main goal is to make an easy-to-access, robust, lexical Igbo language resource to help solve a variety of complex problems within the worlds of education to Machine Learning.

The Igbo API hosts and serves all word and example sentence data that is shown on Nkọwa okwu, our official online Igbo-English dictionary app.

The initial words and examples that populated this API came from Kay Williamson's Igbo Dictionary entitled Dictionary of Ònìchà Igbo.

This is an open-source project created by Ijemma Onwuzulike.


Email: kedu@nkowaokwu.com

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